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Best Selling Images

Here is a sampling of some of my most popular  and best selling images.  These have sold either as fine art prints and/or have been published in various commercial or editorial locations.  Many have won awards in juried photographic exhibits. Click  HERE for list of publications and awards.


Birch Leaf Medley.

This fine art image was made by photographing individual leaves from birch trees, then combining them on a "canvas" in Photoshop to create the final image. Shading was added to give the image its unique 3D appearance.


Twin Moose Calves.

Living in Alaska allows some unique opportunities for wildlife photography.  At times our back yard is a moose rearing area.  Moose usually give birth to one or two calves in late May or early June.  These two are less than a month old.


Homer Groins.

Located on the spit in Homer, these pilings were installed years ago in an attempt to reduce beach erosion to the thin 4 mile spit that juts out into Kachemak Bay.


Lit Christmas Tree.

Mid-winter offers scenes such as this residential driveway on hillside area of Anchorage, Alaska. Our northern latitude gives us short daylight during the winter months, but does often provides beautiful low level lighting.  Twilight often provides rich colors, as seen in this image.


Spent Leaves.

Fallen leaves often take on interesting and compelling shapes and textures. This pair was arranged against a white background.


Dune # 9.

Sand dunes in Death Valley have been a popular subject over the years for fine art photographers.  The sand patterns are always changing from the wind and it is a joy to watch how the scene changes as the sun rises.


Water Tank Construction.

Light entering the top of a water tank that was under construction created this interesting "bicycle" pattern.  I have always been attracted to graphic images regardless of the content, and this image is a good example of that. This image was accepted in the juried Alaska State museum photo exhibit.


Cow Moose in Water.

This photo was made at Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska.  There is a healthy population of moose in and around the city,  offering good photo opportunities.  This image was published as the cover for a moose calendar and in another calendar featuring Alaskan wildlife.